Photographing highly reflective, glass objects, such as wine bottles and glassware can be a real challenge, even for an experienced professional. It is a common belief that for automated photo studio it is a task far beyond it’s reach. Having that stereotype in mind, we are even more proud to present world’s first automated photo studio dedicated to glossy products including wine bottles: ALPHASHOT XL WINE.


ALPHASHOT XL WINE is a complete solution that can be used for product photography of glossy items, such as wine, spirits, glass products and other demanding objects e.g. helmets. In order to get great results the device has been equipped with two adjustable front lights. Depending on the their position, one can obtain reflections required by a given brand or product character.


Perfect pictures of glossy items are not possible when any part of the photo equipment reflects in the objects. Being aware of that fact, we constructed ALPHASHOT XL WINE in a reflection aware way. Aluminium parts, screws and even interior surfaces of the side door are black to avoid unwanted reflections.

Another feature that makes working with ALPHASHOT XL WINE extremely efficient is the intelligent bottle support. Common problem when shooting red wine bottles, is “not so nice” white table reflection in the dark bottle. In ALPHASHOT XL WINE it can be easily avoided by placing the bottle on a high support, which prevents the reflection from the table. The software will automatically remove the support.


Mentioning XL WINE LED key features we could not forget about 360° motorized turntable which makes it easy to take consistent pictures of the object from all sides. Software will produce ready-to-be-used images in very efficient and consistent way. It will automatically remove background from any item, including extremely difficult transparent glass products. The image is automatically processed and in the end the item is auto-cropped and placed in the right place in the final image.

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