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ORBITTOUR - how to

ORBITTOUR lets you focus customer attention exactly where you want. You can use Views, Hotspots and Images to present the most interesting product features. In this How to you'll see few simple steps that lead to product tour silmilar to one below:

NOTE: At the bottom of the page you'll find a video that depicts the described steps
  1. Step one - enter ORBITTOUR editor
    Log in to Orbitvu SUN, select presentation and click ORBITTOUR button


  2. Step two - add Views
    Views are the clickable thumbnails shown next to presentation.

    There are two types of Views:

    • Scene based View

      Clicking thumbnail will animate 360° presentation to specific scene. To create such View zoom and rotate 360° presentation to desired position and click add view button:

    • 2D Image based View

      Clicking thumbnail shows 2D image over the 360° presentation. To create 2D Image based View drag image from the top bar to Views area:

  3. Step three - add Hotspots
    Hotspots are the points located over presentation that can precisely indicate specific parts of your product.

    There are two types of Hotspots (just like Views):

    • Scene based hotspot

      When hotspot is clicked it will animate 360° presentation to the scene of your choice. To create such Hotspot choose desired Scene and doubleclick at the point where hotspot should be created.

    • 2D Image based hotspot

      When hotspot is clicked 2D image(s) will be shown over presentation. To add 2D Image based hotspot choose the desired scene and drag & drop 2D image from top bar to the 360° presentation area.

  4. Step 4 - edit/fine tune hotspot
    Hotspot is disposed at specific point of the product (eg. camera lens). Because 360° presentation usually consists of number of frames (different angles) you will want to precisely locate hotspot at a number of these frames. This is where Hotspot editor comes in. It will let you locate hotspot for each frame individually, exactly where it should be.

Video tutorial: