eCommerce product photography

Everything that you need to know about product photography for eCommerce

Product photography. Automated vs Manual. Background removal.

No matter automated or manual, there are a few main rules in product photography: quality, consistency and time- saving. As a company with many years of experience in providing solutions for automated content creation for e-commerce, we decided to make a comparison of two different types of product photography: manual »

Natural Shadow. A Small Detail of Great Importance.

Where there is light - there is a shadow. In photography it is the shadow that gives us the impression of space - we do not see flat images, but 3-dimensional objects. In an e-store, this tiny detail brings us closer to the real shopping experience and it encourages the »

Closing more sales online with product tour

A process of making a buying choice is not so much different whether we do it online or in real store. With one exception. When we, as buyers, have a need, we collect information how we can satisfy the need, we select couple of potential options, we evaluate them and »

ALPHASHOT XL WINE | Capture the spirit of your product

Photographing highly reflective, glass objects, such as wine bottles and glassware can be a real challenge, even for an experienced professional. It is a common belief that for automated photo studio it is a task far beyond it’s reach. Having that stereotype in mind, we are even more proud »