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Introducing new features from Orbitvu Station 19.1.7

From new ways of content creation to some interface uplift. Let's have an inside look at main new features form the latest Orbitvu software release. Create 360° spin from the videoIt is as easy as that! Just record a video, select 360° in the PUBLISH section, choose Video option and »

Upcoming Trade Shows 2019 - the third quarter

After a short holiday break, we are back with the new trade shows season. Before announcing upcoming events, we want to give you a quick update on what we were up to in last months regarding exhibiting our devices. Let’s start with the two most important for us: Panorama »

Orbitvu Station 19.1. New tools to boost productivity

While using Orbitvu Station took your Orbitvu device to the next level, the new 19.1 makes working on visual content creation even more convenient. Export multiple sessions with batch publish. Get better photos with “Adaptive contrast” tool. Use video templates to achieve consistent videos and upload them directly to »

Show your product in a new light!

The main and simpliest truth about product photography is the better your product looks, the more you will sell. So simple yet so difficult to achieve. Even if you already use automated product photography devices, sometimes you deal with situations when it is hard to show the product as good »

More magic in our Magic Table

We use Magic Table as a base for comfortable shooting smaller products in Alphastudio XXL and Alphastudio Compact.  Why is magical? Because it is designed to be automatically removed from the final picture by our software. Two Sizes New Magic Table comes in two sizes: smaller is 50 cm and »

Upcoming Trade Shows 2019 - the first quarter

January’s arrival means the official start of trade shows season so after a short break we are just about to start the most intense quarter of 2019. For the upcoming three months, you can meet our sales teams almost all around Europe as well as the USA and Hong »


The entire Orbitvu team is utterly proud to unveil the brand new heart of e-commerce content production - Orbitvu Station 2018. If you deal with the content production we guarantee you would benefit from using Orbitvu solutions. Here is a sneak peak of what we bring to the table. increase »

Let’s rock 'n' zoom!

Our Motorized Zoom is fun to play with and tremendously useful tool at the same time. It’s just a tiny example of Orbitvu technology approach towards photography automation. Encoder ensures surgical precision and repeatability of results. Also, this gif never gets boring! Ease to use Control zoom and focus »

Welcome Japan!

Effective May 2018, Tokyo-based Orbitvu Japan K.K. has been established to distribute automated product photography solutions in Japan. The new enterprise is made up of the top of the line professionals with a long record of experience in the distribution of state-of-the-art photo automation technologies in the market. In »

ORBITVU at IRCE 2017 in Chicago

The most innovative solution for product photography! 40 seconds! In just such a short time you will get 4 outstanding packshots with the background removed. Visit us at IRCE 2017 in Chicago- June, 6-9, STAND 1487 and find out how ORBITVU technology can support your e-commerce! Your photography workflow simplified »